The Institute has growing communities of priests and sisters
Seminarians at class Our seminary in Tuscany

The Seminary Building

The seminary of the Institute of Christ the King is located in an ancient chateau at Gricigliano in Tuscany, Italy. Located near Florence, it is only about 170 miles from the Eternal City – Rome – and the Vatican. Named St. Phillip Neri Seminary, it is here that our priests receive the formation that prepares them to serve the Sovereign Priest.

Study and Manual Work

The obligatory formation for all our candidates to the holy priesthood is comprised of a one-year course of Spirituality, a two-year course of Philosophy, and a four-year course of Theology. This academic program is taught by professors from Roman Universities, the Sorbonne, the IPC Philosophical Faculty in Paris, as well as by some of our own priests who have academic degrees. The oblates share in part of this formation over a five-year period with selected courses chosen for them by their superiors.

Seminarians at class Seminarians during their studies

The intellectual formation of our seminarians is accompanied by a thoroughly human formation, which includes general culture, priestly manners, and an extensive amount of daily practical work in the house and around the outside grounds. This combination is very efficient for the complete education of mind and body which we want to give our seminarians. A purely intellectual formation is never sufficient for a priest. His personality would certainly remain insufficiently formed, if it did not include a profound prayer life and the humility to accept practical duties and fulfill them well.

Without any doubt, the most important element in seminary life is daily contact with Our Lord through Holy Mass, the Divine Office, the Rosary, and personal meditation. The seminarians come to know not only the history and the rubrics of the Sacred Liturgy, but also its inner meaning and great power for their spiritual lives. Every single gesture of the Classical Liturgy has a profound signification. Every detail matters when it comes to our relationship with the Lord.

Sisters of the Royal Heart of Jesus

Seminarians at class Our sisters

To support the work of the Institute of Christ the King, Divine Providence has brought about the formation of a community of contemplative nuns dedicated to reparation and adoration of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest. Leading a non-cloistered contemplative life, the sisters offer their daily prayers and sacrifices particularly for the priests of the Institute and the souls entrusted to them.

Like the priests and oblates of the Institute, the Adorers of the Royal Heart hold three co-patrons as the guiding lights of their spirituality: St. Francis de Sales, St. Benedict, and St. Thomas Aquinas. From St. Francis de Sales' doctrine of Divine Love, the sisters draw the pattern of their vocation: to be in constant pursuit of growth in Love, which should always be founded on Truth.

Recently, the Sisters were given a building that will serve as their future convent. At present, it is in need of extensive repair. However, the Sisters are certain that with prayer, generous donors will come to realize the importance of their work.